Stump Removal in Evanston and Chicago

Choose our family-owned and operated business to handle your stump grinding and stump removal needs. We have the proper equipment and expertise required to complete the job quickly and at a competitive price. Having a tree stump on your property can create an eyesore. Do yourself a favor by having us remove your tree stump so that your property can look great again.



Wood Mulch From Tree Stumps

If you don't want to let your tree stump go to waste, we'll be happy to grind it into natural, organic mulch for your flowerbed. Your landscape will look cleaner and more defined with the mulch.

What Our Customers Think of Us On :

Just had Leo and his team trim trees throughout my yard and remove a dying tree-amazing work, knowledgeable, courteous and reasonable!

Ann G

Evanston, IL

They removed some limbs from a large tree. Did a nice job & cleaned up quite well. The owner is quite friendly & customer oriented. I'll use them again.

Jerry M

Chicago, IL

This is a great company! They arrive quickly, are knowledgeable, nice and reasonably priced. They always do a very good job.

Charlotte H

Evanston, IL